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An incredible book about lost civilizations and cyclical history.

"Aleksander presents a cogent, compelling and fascinating thesis that points to our lost global heritage in the centuries before the end of the last Ice Age. A nuanced and exciting read."
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— Michael Le Flem, M.A., author of Visions of Atlantis: Reclaiming our Lost Ancient Legacy (2022)

An unforgettable journey through the ancient world of lost civilizations!

See how the most distant past could really happen. Check what history is described by the oldest surviving texts and how it is completely different from the vision of modern science. Discover the world of previous civilizations mentioned by the greatest scholars of the ancient world thanks to my book about lost civilizations, "Déjà Vu: Has Everything Already Been?"!

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Delve into the greatest mysteries of the past yourself and learn the lost knowledge of previous civilizations!



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"A great book, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the mysteries of our past and those who are looking for a deeper meaning in our lives and the planet's past."

Ken Goudsward

"Aleksander Czeszkiewicz does a really good job of presenting concepts in a straightforward readable manner without adding fluff or beating around the bush. He calls us to question some of the many currently status quo assumptions about life on earth and the history of civilization. Fans of Graham Hancock or Andrew Collins will be familiar with much of this material already, but Czeszkiewicz brings many fresh insights to the table, making this book a worthwhile read for even the well-initiated.

From his detailed discussion of materials sciences and decomposition rates to the inclusion of newly discovered details of human evolution, which sheds new light on the Silurian hypothesis, to his inclusion of certain elements of hermetic tradition normally discussed only in highly esoteric circles, Aleksander Czeszkiewicz exhibits a holistic approach which in my opinion is the key to further progress.
For an author of related subjects such as myself, Aleksander's analysis of global archaic cultural details offers a wealth of fascinating facts and linkages which will warrant multiple rereading, note-taking and much further analysis."


"Very good book, extremely researched topic. I'm looking forward to the next one. 10/10"
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